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Group 1
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Friday, April 29, 2011

28 day Clean and Lean

This is a challenge to create new habits, and was inspired by this article.
In short it takes “14 days to rewire your brain or create new pathways that make habits easier to follow.”
“Deep down, you know that promising yourself to change one more time just isn’t going to do it?
Crossfit preaches that exercise is only half of the true fitness equation. To be truly “fit” it takes “50% exercise & 50% diet.”
The article states “wellness is an integration of mind and body, and allowing yourself to change for the better.”
So what are we going to do for the challenge?
Page two of the article discusses ways to increase your ability to change.. We are going to utilize two of these methods.
This item you will keep private.
A) “write the truth about why you haven’t made changes and what changes are possible. Be honest.” Avoid negative phrasing like, “I can’t” or “it’s too hard.” “Consider how to rephrase these statements as things you can do.” As stated above, keep this for yourself to reference once the challenge is over.
This item we want you to share in your first post. This will be your Goal statement.
B) write down what you want to accomplish with this challenge. What are your goals? What habits to you want to change or create?

Rules of the challenge:
1) Create at least two goals or positive habits to achieve.
2) post your meals daily, along with any rants, raves, or interesting topics.
3) Get strict with your diet.. We are open to you using the “diet” of your choice, but pick something that will ensure you make positive changes. Some recommended samples are:
The Paleo Diet

The Standard Process Purification Program

The Whole 30

Thanks for accepting the challenge! Go ahead and post your goal statement and diet of choice in comments. And remember to come back starting Sunday to start posting your daily food intake. This will make a new you!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

MANWOD 5, freaking EPIC!

Started off by having everyone carry either a log or stump from my truck to the Sylvan couse HQ, aka the dirty cement walls.
We then proceeded to throw down!
The expanded course is brutal to say the least.. The added hill climbs and wall muscle ups are beefy.
We also threw in regular and isometric squats on the pier, and finished each loop to ground to overheads with a stump or pullups.
Two chicky chikitas challenged the course for the first time, Theresa and Laurel. They gave a great effort and looked just as beat up as the rest of us post-wod.
Thanks for coming out and digging deep everyone!

 See you at MANWOD 6......