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Group 1
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

ManWOD @ CampBartz

We had an amazing turnout today!!! I was very impressed with the number of people that showed up. And even more impressed by how hard everyone worked!! Thanks a ton to Derek for playing video jockey! I will be posting more videos as Derek posts them!

Wonder what you missed......I'll just throw a few things out there.

See Ya next time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

ManWOD #3 at the slough

So.....for all you men out there. Where the HELL were you? I'll tell you this....the 3 of us crushed it today! Derik, Deezy, and myself had a blast. We added a couple of new loops to the course. We made 5 loops around it. A lot of the course was the same, the pillar climbs and block jumps and hill climb. The part we added was NASTY! The movements today.....20 Squats, 20 Pull Ups, 15 Jumping Muscle Ups on a 6ft block wall each round!!! Next week.....BE THERE!

Here is a photo of deezy and derik demoing a pull up ibeam!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Warm Up Gone Wrong!!


The second installment of MAN WOD was a great success.. A group of us were able to set up the route and tasks before the posted challenge time, and it made a great difference. We now have a solid course set up on Sylvan island which includes wall climbs, box jumps, railroad tie flips, ground to overheads with huge brick clusters, radio tower ascent, as well as a grueling set of obstacles to climb over.
Additionally, an I-beam was installed over a couple of walls to create a pull up station that will be utilized on MAN WOD 3.
 We would like to give a huge shout out to Ron Rasmussen who was flipped over by the wheel barrel at the end of our sprint time trial. He's missing a good part of his leg, but his spirit remains intact. Thank you Ron for showing us the true BALLS it takes to partake in MANWOD. Attached is a pic of Ron's leg, a vid is to follow shortly.