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Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 2, this is easy...

Way to get your clean on people! Day 1 is in the books.
With clean foods you may need to eat a bit more than you think to meet the demands of your active lifestyle. Here's a great list of Clean foods and recipes
I won't mention any names, but someone eh hem Matt, texted me today stating that they were a bit light headed and fainty because they'd not eaten very much.
During my first Paleo challenge, I had a similar experience. The next day the portions were larger for every meal. For lunch that day I filled a popcorn bowl half way with spinach leafs, the rest with chopped up veggies then topped it with chicken and some olive oil. Took me a half hour to find the bottom. But it did the trick.
So, don't be afraid to feed your body.. If it's clean and lean and full of nutrients, you'll be doing yourself a favor.
Here's a good link for you endurance athletes out there..


  1. Dani:
    Bfast and Lunch, forgot to bring food then got stuck at work so had to eat carrots and crackers
    Dinner: Chicken breast with hot veggies (bell peppers and jalepeno sauteed in olive oil)
    Bfast: banana and steak shishkabob
    Lunch: Big spinach salad with bell peppers, cucumbers, boiled egg, chix
    Snack: half chicken breast and asparagus
    Snack 2: apple and pistachios
    Dinner: Chicken breast with hot veggies (bell peppers and jalepeno sauteed in olive oil)

  2. Post pass out - Can of Coke and a GU

    Breakfast - 2 eggs / almonds / sun dried tomatoes / green salsa / fruit

    Snack - almonds more fruit

    Lunch - 2 eggs / sun dried tomatoes / mixed greens
    /lemon olive oil dressing / almonds / fruit medley

    Snack - Almonds / Figs

    Dinner - Roasted pork / Asparagus / salad
    dessert - mixed fruit . 1 tbls whip cream

  3. B: 3 egg spinach omelete w/ bacon and a half of a banana!!
    L: leftover spaghetti squash w/ spaghetti sauce and meat
    S: Broccoli and Grape tomato
    D: Pork shoulder steak and one square of 80% chocolate
    I must say when I went to target I stopped at the starbucks and ordered a iced coffee not even thinking about the challenge. So did I fail??
    I will do better tomorrow.

  4. 18 Hour Fast
    Lunch - Frittata and Baked Egg Dish ( )
    Snack - 2 Pieces of Bison Jerky and a few carrots
    Dinner - Stuffed Peppers ( )

    Kate is doing this as well - yesterday her food was the same as mine - and today - I think was pretty close to the same - but she had breakfast - not sure what...

  5. I just recently found this - and if there is anyone who travels - maybe this will help you too... (or even just help with making better choices eating out locally) Robb Wolf has an area on his site called the Road Forager - with some video blogs of his travel and food adventures.

  6. May3--

    BR--almond/hazelnut cakes with bacon and blackberries and chai with almond milk

    L--qboda salad with guac

    D--famous daves ribs and broccoli

    need to find time to cook, little league is killing me