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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday 05/17

Well just a few of still posting... Way to be disciplined.. Keep it up!


  1. Not too many people posting for a lively discussion... But 17 days in to strict eating - feel much better than "normal". I have been thinking a lot about how to change your mindset of eating from:
    FOOD = pleasure, entertainment, reward, comfort
    FOOD = energy, strength, health, endurance
    And you can have some of the former as long as your primary focus is the later. Where I get into trouble is when I focus on pleasing the first few inches of the digestive tract - the tongue and taste buds... At the harm of the rest of the digestive tract and therefore rest of the body. Have to change the focus of the purpose of food...

  2. Tuesday:
    B: fast (h2o)
    L: Cobb salad - no cheese, no croutons, no dressing
    D: roast beef samich - no bun; bacon burger - no bun

  3. B: eggs, sweet potato
    L: jerky almonds
    D: Pork steak, green beans