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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday, back on track

Had a good day of food choices.. Dave, sounds like you found a treasure trove in SD..


  1. Bfast: banana and chicken sausage
    Lunch: Qdoba naked salad
    Dinner: chicken stuffed with ham and asparagus, steamed broccoli on the side.

  2. Yeah - I want to move to South Dakota just for this grocery store... They have ground elk, all kinds of wild game steaks, wild caught Alaskan salmon...paleo food nirvana!
    Breakfast - Fast
    Lunch - Hy-Vee spinach salad with my favorite crumbled bacon on top.
    Dinner - ground beef with red pepper and green onion and asparagus in coconut oil and sea salt.
    No more kitchen in my room - so back to traveling reality - may try and steal a page from robb wolf's road forager and hit chipotle tonight.

  3. Is that stuffed chicken from the EDP cookbook? That looks really good!! How was it to make?

  4. Dani bought them at Hyvee.. They looked pretty simple. Pound out the breast, throw a few pieces of asparagus and a bit of ham in the middle, roll up and stick a toothpick through. Think they basted the outside with butter and herbs. They were yummy!

  5. That is strange - all the comments are gone...
    B: Fast
    L: Hy-Vee Spinach salad with bacon on top
    D: GFGB with red pepper, green onion and scrambled eggs + asparagus in coconut oil

    Thursday: have to leave my hotel room with a kitchen today and say good bye to my new favorite grocery store...
    B: Eggs and Bacon
    L: Lara Bar
    D: Chipotle - Chicken Burrito Bowl without rice and beans - extra meat + guac and mild salsa.

    B: Egg, bacon, sausage
    L: Salad with some tuna and fish + veggies and nuts
    D: Turkey sausage and chicken