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Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

Wow, the weekend flew by.. We had a party Friday night, one on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Good news is that we were able to maintain a good diet, with only minimal cheats.


  1. Saturday:
    Bfast: coffee
    Snack: Post-wod protein shake
    Lunch: Chicken smothered in guacamole
    Dinner: 2 beef patties & 1 brat with guac, 2 deviled eggs (cheat, 5 tortilla chips and red wine).
    Bfast: ham & egg quiche, Asparagus quiche, fruit, (cheat, mimosas)
    Lunch: eggs & sausage
    Dinner: pork roast and veggies (cheat, red wine)

  2. Saturday:
    Breakfast - omelet made with leftover turkey burger, broccoli, and bacon.
    Birthday Party - I decided not to cheat - so just drank water. (seeing all the stuff about Murph right around this made it a much easier decision...)
    Lunch - Stuffed Pepper
    Dinner - Rockin' Moroccan Chicken ( ) - but the receipe in EDP cookbook is better - uses Coconut Oil instead of olive oil - REALLY GOOD!!!
    Snack - a few shrimp in melted coconut oil.

    Breakfast - Shrimp in coconut oil
    Lunch - Moroccan Chicken with a few shrimp and a small piece or two of pear
    Dinner - Shrimp swimming in left-over homemade paleo maranara sauce from meatballs a few days back.

    gone from home ALL week this week - we'll see how it goes. Doing ok on diet - but having a hard time fitting a workout into the schedule - as more energy kicks in from diet - will get that going...

  3. sat-Drawk cakes, bacon chai
    chicken wings, beer
    steak and mushrooms and baby bok choy

    Sun Drawk cakes with Chocolate and strawberries, Chai
    hot dog at zoo
    2 beers bowling
    qboda naked salad with guac

  4. Saturday:
    B: Bacon and eggs, green tea
    L: Salad, ham, green beans, tea (and a small piece of cake...bad Dave)
    D: Don't Remember

    B: Bacon and eggs, tea
    L: Sushi/Sashimi
    D: Chicken Tostadas, Adult beverage