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Group 1
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday is here.. Day 6

Only the dedicated are posting from here on out... Keep it up. It is not easy! But, well worth the effort...


  1. Greg
    Bfast: paleo pancakes, banana, blueberries
    Lunch: sausage, pancakes
    Dinner: steak with blue cheese, green beans

  2. Busy flying back and working - so no breakfast.
    L - Frittata & meatballs
    D - Turkey Burger with Broccoli and half a pear
    S - two pieces of bacon

    Today is a tough decision day - it is Zachary's birthday - and we are having a party with pizza and cake... Kate and I have gone back and forth many times on whether we are going to cheat or stay strong for the party.... I keep changing my mind back and forth... guess we'll see...may try and load up before and not be too hungry to lessen the temptation.