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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 4, It's Wednesday already!

So Dani and I have already "cheated" and gone off of the Whole 30 program. We are switching to Paleo. She is going to incorporate small amounts of dairy, as it does not effect her G.I. system. And I am going to use protein powder and am craving Paleo pancakes, both of which aren't allowed by the Whole 30.
One big announcement!!! My "Everyday Paleo" cookbook just arrived in the mail today.. Wooooot!!!
Lots of great recipes and simple ideas.
Tomorrow we are having Paleo Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast..


  1. Dani:
    Bfast:2 meatballs and marinara
    Lunch:chicken and bell peppers
    Dinner:3 meatballs and marinara
    Bfast: 2 eggs, 3 natural sausage patties
    Snack: Banana & almond butter, piece of pork loin
    Lunch: 3 meatballs and marinara
    Snack: beef jerky and mixed nuts
    Cheat: Diet mountain dew
    Dinner: 6 meatballs and marinara
    Desert: apple

  2. It is a great book! The pages are already well worn on my copy. First day of not getting at least 8 hours sleep - Zach was up at 4 am coughing - and then I started feeling bad - so I now have a cold or allergies / sinus issues...blah! No 8 hours tonight either as I have to now be up at 4 to catch a flight to Minneapolis... so we'll see how tomorrow goes... as for today - see if I can remember...

    B: Frittata from EDP cookbook and a few crispy slices of bacon and a handful of blueberries
    L: Stuffed Pepper
    D: 2 Meatballs (unfortunately just eating them now - have been trying not to eat too much after 6pm - but that is the way today has gone...)

  3. Oh - and I just printed out the whole 30 guide today - and will maybe try and read it on the flight tomorrow - so I am not sure what kind of rules we are breaking at this point... Kate is still sticking to it and eating about the same food as me...

  4. br--almond\hazelnut pancakes with strawberries and bacon, homemade chai with almond milk
    l--qboda salad with quac and chix
    Sn-la Quercia Lonza and Copa
    D-shrimp and andouille sausage

  5. B: 4 scrambled eggs, 3/4 c pecans, green tea
    L: 1 cup cashews, green tea
    S: 2 oz 86% dark chocolate, green tea
    D: 2 brats with kraut, green tea
    S: 2 dirty vodka martinis

    Getting back to normal, but today was all messed up with doctor visits and all. Feeling that I have more energy in the mornings. I'm going to give the chocolate a run for the next few days and ween myself off it, then the green tea.