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Group 1
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday, Day 9

I cheated my ass off today.. Hopefully you had more will power...


  1. Bfast: banana with almond butter
    Snack: coffee, 2 chicken sausage
    Lunch: 3 big ass flour tacos from City Limits.. WTF???
    Snack: post wod protein shake and shrimp kabob
    Dinner: red wine,,,,,, still thinking...

  2. If you ever find yourself in Sioux Falls, SD and want to get some good food - check out Pomegranate Market - I wish we had one in St. Louis! Great local produce - natural free range chicken and eggs, grass finished beef and bison - wild caught fish - and a LOT of it. a very lucky and happy find! On to todays eats...
    Breakfast - scrambled eggs and bacon (also the best bacon I have ever had... -
    Lunch - 1 Lara Bar... I guess this is technically OK according to Whole9 - but should be considered an emergency food - and I knew if I did not have it in my bag - I would not get to eat anything.
    Dinner - Ground beef and scrambled eggs with green onion.

  3. B: Fasting, Green Tea
    L: Fasting, Green Tea
    D: Hamburger Patty, Egg, Pecans, Dried Pineapple ring
    S: Vodka Martini