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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, I'm a slacker.....

Was at Crossfit Naperville this weekend getting certified in Crossfit Endurance.
It was awesome!! But, I do apologize for the hiatus from posting... Blogger was down Thursday and Friday, and wouldn't let me post. Saturday and Sunday I was just lazy.


  1. Saturday
    Denny's eggs and bacon
    Chipotle naked burrito
    Friaco's Shrimp El Diablo

    Dennys eggs and bacon
    Whole foods veggie rolls, southwest turkey
    organic burritos

    Monday TBD

  2. Saturday:
    B: Eggs and Turkey Sausage
    L: Salmon Cakes (EDP)
    D: Salmon cakes

    B: ?can't remember...
    L: Cocunut Crusted Tilapia (not a good choice - but OK) and asparagus in coconut oil
    D: Eggs, Karina's Sweet Potato Hash (EDP), and bacon.

  3. By the way - that Karina's hash in the EDP cookbook - sausage, sweet potato, cinnamon, coconut oil - REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOD!

  4. Apple, chicken kabob, sweet tater fries
    clif bar
    insides of 2 breakfast burritos, and 2 eggrolls
    banana and almond butter
    mushroom swiss burger no bun, grilled asparagus

  5. A couple rough food days ahead - traveling in North Dakota - and the choices are more limited than last week.
    B: fast (not really by choice - up at 4 am to fly to Bismarck and not many great choices at the airport in the morning...after the strict 30 days - there are some "passable" options - but not really under the strict Whole 30 rules)
    L: found at wally world - "natural" turkey lunchmeat, small jar of macadamia nuts, and small package of baby carrots.
    D: Maca nuts, baby carrots and lots of dihydrogenated oxygen